About Saleschase Technologies

Saleschase Technologies is a leader in Big Data-driven business analytics for B2B commerce. We comb through countless sources of information, putting the world's data pool at the fingertips of everyday business professionals and eliminating the complexity and high cost normally associated with analytics. Our interactive graphics and easy-to-read reports make it a snap for anyone to use. Sales and marketing professionals can easily obtain actionable insights into their customers’ needs and buying habits, resulting in more targeted sales, increased customer acquisition, and greater productivity, while sourcing professionals can research and evaluate their suppliers before committing and minimize supply-chain risk.

Saleschase analytics applications put the world's data to work for you, eliminating the guesswork from the buying and selling decision-making process. Easy and cost-effective, our cloud applications require zero installation, no maintenance and no support from IT.

Harness the power of Big Data with Saleschase analytics and stop hoping you’re making the best business decisions — know you are.