The Best of Avon’s Marketing Strategies

The Best of Avon’s Marketing Strategies

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Avon is the world’s No. 1 direct seller of beauty products. Avon offers its customers not only a wide assortment of cosmetic products but also jewelry, home decoration items, accessories and wellness products. As a direct marketing company, Avon makes use of door-to-door sales, catalogs and Internet marketing to sell its products. Avon has been responsible for breaking the conventional mold and bringing the cosmetics counter to our doorsteps. Here are some of Avon’s marketing strategies.

Avon follows multi-level marketing and is one of the most successful MLM companies in the U.S. today. Every Avon distributor is provided with Avon business website, where their guests can place orders, making sales a fairly simple and enjoyable experience for the customer.

Marketing strategies that successful Avon agents make use of to promote sales

Avon agents use the following strategies to attract new customers and maximize profits month after month.

1. Advertising in local businesses

Advertising in popular local businesses is one of the ways Avon agents manage to reach a larger customer base. They do this by offering to deliver products that customers purchase online to local businesses such as book stores, coffee shops and restaurants. This effectively results in saving the shipping costs which is borne by the customers. To make this arrangement a lucrative proposition for the local businesses who store and hand out Avon products, the agents offer them a part of their commission.

2. Internet marketing

Another popular and cost effective sales strategy adopted by many Avon dealers is writing informative articles in websites such as Associated Content and These articles are linked to their Avon business website. This is an excellent way to drive traffic to websites and increase sales. Articles are written on a wide range of topics like fashion trends, latest make up tips and usefulness of Avon products.

3. Insiders of local businesses

By connecting with employees inside large local businesses it is possible to sell and advertise products to a larger target audience. Avon agents manage to do this by providing support materials like catalogs to employees of local businesses and request them to prominently display it in canteens or any other place where employees congregate. In addition to Avon product details, these catalogs also provide instructions on how to place orders. The agents get volume discounts for placing higher orders. This volume discount makes it possible for them to pass on a share of their profits to the inside employee.
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  • Aubrey Phelps

    It is pretty incredible to see Avon have this much success. They’re been around for a reason. I’m just shocked they’re still growing!

  • FierceForLess

    I’m an Avon rep and a grad biz student. Nice summary and insight. Avon is over 126 years old…older than Fortune 500 list (they were on it from day 1). Not going anywhere.

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