How Crowdfunding Can Finance Your Small Business [Infographic]

By / April 11, 2012 / 1 Comment

You may have a brilliant business idea. But if you don’t have the required funds, your idea will remain just that – an idea. A financing option that is gaining popularity is crowdfunding. Today’s infographic is all about crowdfunding. You’ll find the definition of crowdfunding, the pros and cons of crowdfunding, the popular platforms for crowdfunding, ways to create a successful crowdfunding campaign and more!

Highlights of the infographic:

1. There are 3 forms of crowdfunding — donations, loans and investment.

2. As of April 2011, 20,371 projects received funds or pledges through crowdfunding.

3.  As of April 2011, US$ 40 million were collected through crowdfunding.

4. Around 43% of projects that receive funds through crowdfunding are successful and around 21% of projects don’t receive any pledges.

Have you explored the crowdfunding option to finance your small business? What do you see are the challenges of obtaining funds through crowdfunding? Do you think this financing option will become more popular? Let us know what you think of crowdfunding and today’s infographic.

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  • AnneM

    Indeed, crowdfunding will really help if you want to start up with your new business. However, if you owe that money to somebody you should not forget to pay it back. In this way, your business will become smooth-sailing.

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