How to Implement Environmental Marketing Strategies

How to Implement Environmental Marketing Strategies

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Environmental marketing refers to a company designing, promoting and distributing products or services that don’t hurt the environment. It is also known as “green” or “sustainable” marketing.

A successful environmental marketing strategy must: contribute to the improvement of the environment; and provide consumers detailed information on your efforts. Strategies can focus on ecologically safer products, energy-efficient operations, recyclable or biodegradable packaging, and enhanced pollution controls. Here are a few tips.

1. Make legitimate claims

Consumers are conscious of how industrial activity harms nature. Businesses can’t afford to be seen as environmentally unfriendly. But your business can’t get away with false claims. Businesses must make sure they are actually doing what they claim to be doing in their green marketing campaigns. All business policies must be consistent with the company’s environment friendly efforts. Credibility is essential to the success of an environmental marketing campaign.

2. Educate customers

A business must also convey to customers what it is doing and how its actions are conserving the environment. Unless you do this, customers will not realize or appreciate the green efforts. If you fail to explain the importance of your environmental initiatives, such initiatives may simply be considered as a marketing gimmick and the campaign may not bring in the desired results.

3. Make customers part of environmental marketing campaigns

Give customers an opportunity to participate in any conservation program your business sponsors. This direct participation will make customers realize your business’ commitment to the cause. This not only boosts your image but also fosters loyalty.

4. Adopt fair pricing policy

According to the National Marketing Institute, price is a major factor influencing the acceptance of environmentally friendly products. If you price your products substantially higher than products offered by competition, you can’t expect high sales even if your product is greener than your competitors.

The success of your program depends on the credibility of your environmental claims. Sign up for any eco-label program or environmental audit. Also, communicate your environmental efforts regularly.
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