Top 20 Customer Service Champion Brands [Infographic]

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Successful brands focus on customer service more than unsuccessful brands. This is a fact that today’s infographic by Column Five emphasizes.

The infographic lists the top 20 brands, ranked on the basis of percent of customers giving “excellent” and “good” ratings. It’s no surprise that the retail and hospitality industry dominate the list as customer service is a key factor in these industries.

The infographic also lists the customer service champs across industries such as retail, computer, credit cards, health plan, etc.

But what you’ll find most useful is the concluding section of the infographic, which discusses the three dimensions of customer experience – function, access and emotion. If you’re in the process of building a brand, you’ll do well to focus on these three dimensions.

Does your business focus on customer experience? Do you agree that customer focus is an important way to build brand value?

What are your thoughts on today’s infographic? Let us know!

Highlights of the infographic:

  1. Amazon, Kohl’s and Costco take the top 3 slots in the top 20 list of brands providing excellent customer service
  2. Retail, with 74% customer service rating, is the best industry when it comes to providing customer service.
  3. TV service providers, with 50% customer service rating, are at the bottom of the list.


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Infographic courtesy of Column Five.
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