Why Women Matter in Business [Infographic]

By / April 21, 2012 / 1 Comment

Women make great entrepreneurs. And their contribution to business has been growing every year.

Today’s infographic is about women in business. While women have made impressive strides in entrepreneurship, their low representation on the boards of public companies and the fact that they hold very few commercial patents is a matter of concern.

However, the fact that one quarter of women have a bachelor’s degree by the age of 24 and one-third of MBA graduates are women indicates that women are poised to make even greater contributions to the world of business in the future.

Do you think women make good entrepreneurs? Let us know what you think of women entrepreneurs and today’s infographic in the comments section.

Highlights of the Infographic:

1. More than 187 million women are running or starting businesses worldwide.

2. More than 40% of large public companies, worldwide, have no women on their boards.

3. Fewer than 5% of the technology startups are owned by women.

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Infographic courtesy of UNC, Kenan Flagler Business School.

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