Women and Technology: Made for Each Other? [Infographic]

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The tech industry has long been dominated by men. But it may not be so in the future. Today’s infographic by womenwhotech.com provides interesting information on tech-savvy women. Women dominate the professional workforce and social networks. However, they are underrepresented in tech start-ups, and in IT jobs.

The infographic also emphasizes the importance of including women on boards. For example, Fortune 500 companies that had at least 3 directors showed remarkable growth in ROI and return on equity.

In the concluding section, some statistics on women in business is provided. For example, did you know women are starting businesses at a rate of 1.5 times the national average. And that 187 million women worldwide are starting or running a business.

Highlights of the infographic:

1. 56% of professional job holders are women.

2. 40% of women believe that companies are not doing enough to address diversity; while 82% of men feel that companies do spend enough time addressing diversity.

3. 28% of degree holders in Computer Science are women.

4. Around 20% of all engineering students are women.

For more information, read the infographic!

Infographic courtesy of womenwhotech.com.

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