5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Crowdsourcing [Infographic]

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A growing number of organizations are realizing the power of crowds and benefiting from their collective wisdom. Today’s infographic is about the rise of crowd powered businesses.

While you might have heard of crowd financing, did you know that you could use crowds for design, administration, marketing, research, and innovation? Here are some examples of crowd power.

  • oDesk – crowd-sourced labor
  • ChallengePost – crowd-sourced problem solving
  • iStockPhoto – crowd-sourced photography database
  • Trada – crowd-sourced online advertising

Your business should use the power of crowd, too. Here’s why:

1. To save money

2. To save time

3. To innovate

4. To increase customer satisfaction

5. To scale up

Has your business used the power of the crowd? Do you think there are any disadvantages of using crowds to solve problems or for important functions of the business? Share your thoughts with us.

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