Why Cyber Security is Important [Infographic]

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Today’s infographic is about the AlienVault Open Threat Exchange or OTX, which is a multinational effort to aggregate, and disseminate the fingerprints and forensics of the latest cyber attacks. The infographic is full of statistics on malware, hack attacks and such.

Top IPs marked as malicious by country

  1. China
  2. United States
  3. South Korea
  4. Russian Federation
  5. Taiwan

Top 10 reporters

1. United States; 2. Germany; 3. Brazil; 4. Netherlands; 5. Spain; 6. China; 7. India and Mexico; 8. Belgium; 9. Italy; 10. UK

Top malicious content by activity

  1. Scanning host
  2. Malware domain
  3. Malware IP
  4. Spamming
  5. Malware Host

Top Malicious content by type

  1. Executable files (.exe)
  2. HTML content
  3. Zip/Rar compressed files
  4. PDF files
  5. Flash files

Top Malicious content detected on websites

  1. Win32/Vorloma
  2. Blackhole exploit kit
  3. Win32/Koutodoor
  4. Win32/Tedroo A
  5. Suspect.W32.Adinstall.PBCXP

Top Malicious Networks by number of IPs

  1. China Telecom (39,244)
  2. China Networks Communication Group (19,133)
  3. HiNet Chungwa Telecom Co. (9,439)
  4. KT-Net KorNet, powered by Korea Telecom (6,440)
  5. Chinanet BJ (5,600)

Here’s what is at risk

  • Intellectual property
  • Finances
  • Privacy
  • Industrial control systems

Companies and institutions affected in the latest round of hacks include:

  • NASA
  • Sony
  • InfraGard
  • Citibank
  • WordPress
  • Qwest Center
  • Strategic Forecasting, Inc.

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Infographic courtesy of AlienVault.

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