5 Viral Marketing Campaign Ideas for Content Marketers

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Content marketing is used to attract, acquire and engage customers through creating and distributing relevant content. However, it requires an effective strategy and knowledge about the best way to create and to put content out there. Here are five viral marketing campaign ideas for content marketers.

  1. Join a relevant group in LinkedIn.com. Businesses can create profiles on LinkedIn.com and join relevant groups; groups on LinkedIn include people belonging to a particular industry, profession, or those who share a hobby or sport. After joining the group, the next step is to post compelling but relevant content. For example, a LinkedIn.com group called “Mining Industry Professionals” has 50,000-plus mining professionals as members. Where on earth can one find such a focused, target audience? If you write an article on mining and position it to the mining group, members will lap it up.
  2. Use videos and photos: Photos and videos can help content marketers create amazing viral marketing campaigns. The thing is, in the past, a lot of marketing money used to go for advertising. Based on the communication channels, costs could spiral out of control. Television and broadcast media would be out of reach for smaller companies. However, in today’s Internet world, it is possible to get a global audience to view a campaign on the Internet without spending a penny. Creating an eye-catching video campaign and  uploading it either to your website or to YouTube can work as an excellent viral marketing campaign.
  3. Webinars: A lot of corporations used webinars to build visibility. However, for content marketers, who want to get maximum views, it is important to create webinars that “need” to be watched because the topic is pertinent to your target audience.
  4. E-books: E-books are great viral marketing tools. However, the e-books should have compelling and relevant content, and should be free to download. Make sure that your URL and logo are displayed prominently in the e-book. For example, an auto company can publish an e-book on the latest battery technology. When the e-book is downloaded and read, readers will register the brand in their minds. This will bring in more visitors to your site.
  5. Associate with reputable bloggers: Successful bloggers have a large fan base. So, if you can get a reputable blogger to mention your site in one of her blogs or articles, you can generate traffic to your site. For content marketers, this is a great way to create a viral marketing campaign.
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